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DAY 1: Transfer airport – hotel – afternoon off
DAY 2: Visit to Lobería islot – Punta Estrada – Cracks
DAY 3: Visit to El Chato reserve/Lava tunnels – Twin Craters – Charles Darwin Research Station
DAY 4: Visit to Tortuga Bay beach
DAY 5: Transfer Hotel – Baltra airport 

Tourists will be met at the Baltra Airport, by a choffeur from Turismo Paradise, and then taken to Ninfa Hotel located in the Santa Cruz Island. 

After lunch, spare time for visitors (Suggested they can go for a walk around the Puerto Ayora Pier to buy some handicrafts and/or to visit the surroundings)

Loberia Islot is the ideal place to practice snorkel accompanied by our guides. There you can watch sea lions, multicolored fish and from time to time manta rayas and turtles.

From the ravine at Punta Estrada beach, we see a small colony of blue-footed boobies and pelicans.  Once disembarking at the dock and after a short trek, we get to the viewpoint of sharks channel and from a height of about 14 to 15 meters you can observe them.

Later, we visit Dogs Beach where it can be seen lying on the rocks a colony of marine iguanas, the zayapas (red rock crabs) and occasionally the lava herons. 

Finally, we get to the Cracks beach, a paradisiacal crystalline waters lagoon where we can swim.  Upon return, we will visit the beach of the Germans where you can enjoy the sun and the sea of Galapagos. 

The visit to the Reserve El Chato will be after breakfast.  We will make an stop to visit the Twin Craters, geological subsidence found in the highest part of the island and in the middle of a forest of scales (endemic vegetation).

Passengers can enjoy a beautiful view from the highest place of Santa Cruz Island where there is a rainforest with warm climate and a dense vegetation; by contrast the completely different landscape and environment existing in the lower part of the Island.

At visiting the Santa Rosa location within El Chato Reserve, the “Galapagos giant turtles can be observed laying in calm and relax at the beach, or submerged at El Chato Lagoon.

This place is also favorable for many wild birds to nest such as Finches, Scarlet Flycatchers, Cattle egrets and the Pachays birds from time to time.

In the afternoon we will visit the Charles Darwin Station, where you can see the breeding centers of giant tortoises and corrals of land iguanas. You will participate in an interesting talk by our naturalist guides about the diversity of flora and fauna of the Galapagos, the return is made by the Malecón de Puerto Ayora where you can visit the craft market and other stores.

Tourists will be taken on board of a yacht to Tortuga Bay.  Formed out of fish bones remains and reefs this Island is considered one of the most astonishing and beautiful white sanded beach in Galapagos and worldwide.

We will enjoy the sun and the sea throughout the morning and alongside pelicans and gulls.

Return at midday for lunch.

After breakfast, we will transfer to the airport to take your flight back to Quito or Guayaquil.

Rates per person - Ecuadorian / Foreigner